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West Rongbuk

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The West Rongbuk glacier joins the Main Rongbuk glacier just North of Mount Everest, in Tibet. During the 1921 British Reconnaissance Expedition, photographer and explorer Major E.O. Wheeler captured this breathtaking image of the West Rongbuk Glacier after enduring several days of inclement weather.

Photography 1921: Major E.O. Wheeler, Royal Geographical Society
Photography 2009: David Breashears, GlacierWorks

West Rongbuk Glacier, 1921


West Rongbuk Glacier, 2009


I was in this camp for five days; most of them spent huddled under rocks waiting for the clouds to lift. I had one beautiful day, my only one in six weeks, and got some very nice photographs of Mount Everest and its West ridge. It is surprising how a little good weather and the feeling of having really done some work affects one’s spirits!


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West Rongbuk Pano_BW West Rongbuk Glacier Panorama
Main Rongbuk_Detail_BW West Rongbuk Glacier Detail

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West Rongbuk_HDRI pano West Rongbuk Glacier Panorama